Our Approach

SIGOMO™ Approach

Our Approach

Futuristic companies seek confluence within their organizations to renew, reorient, and achieve competitive distinctions. Advanced companies venture further: they shape confluence across strategic alliances.

Confluence is the deliberate integration of people and processes with company growth and change.

Confluence happens by:

  • orchestrating specific actions with decisions,
  • dynamically interconnecting Strategy, Innovation Governance, Organization, Marketing, and Operations (SIGOMO),
  • applying multiple lenses to identify synergies in SIGOMO™ analysis.

Our approach provides lasting value for our clients.

Our Assessments

We see organizations as a whole, thriving in an externally changing ecosystem of relationships. Corporate performance in this reality is best assessed through the SIGOMO™ system that respects dynamic realities and includes the prospects for a company to achieve more.

These assessments provide realistic diagnoses and practicable prognoses for improving performance.

We do not apply static frameworks in assessing dynamic realities.

Assessments give fuller pictures at different levels of detail, as requested by our clients.

Our Answers

Our solutions and shared learning cater to 4 time horizons:

  • What to do now
  • Short-term actions
  • Mid-term transitions
  • Long-term options

We provide roadmaps for transition management, the often rushed gap-closing phases that are crucial to success.

ConfluCore® partners give cross-functional and across-alliance answers, so our solutions are reliable and holistic, avoiding disintegrative and segmentation traps.