Our People


Our mission is to assist organizations in developing confluence to expand their market, competitive advantage, and talent potential.

Imagine working in teams that are enhanced through real-time feedback. They collaborate continuously and believe that deliberate diversity is core to creativity, mutual learning, and creates trust and respect. Our culture invites opposing views and deliberate debate that, while maintaining the trust, creates innovation and fuels ConfluCore’s growth.

We have incredibly-accomplished, intelligent professionals who collaborate passionately and develop each other. We build the careers of promising talent at ConfluCore who wish to attain extraordinary distinctions in management consulting and talent development.

Given our exceptional commitment to client success, and our high-standard work ethic, we hire only experienced executives with 5−7 years of work experience, P&L responsibilities, and significant implementation achievements.

We don’t write prescriptive, minutely detailed job descriptions or plan fixed formulae for careers at ConfluCore. Instead, we consider Role Potentials, so we help talented professionals achieve more (unlike restricting job titles). Our metaphor for a ConfluCore career is a journey of shared excellence, not mechanical procedures.

We do not specify fixed hours to show up at our offices. Our client commitments override all other flexibilities. Our office environment is informal and designed for interaction, mutual collaboration, and meeting challenging goals. We neither set unrealistic deadlines nor drop the ball on our projects.

Please complete the Contact Us/Getting in Touch page to submit your interest for a career at ConfluCore.

You will hear from one of our partners for an initial dialog.

Please do not send your resume yet.

Periodically, we also take interns with backgrounds that supplement our project work. If you are interested in an internship, please contact one of our partners in an office nearest your location.