Our Results

Who We Serve

We serve organizations of all sizes across a wide variety of industries in the manufacturing and service sectors. Having seen industries go through cycles of growth and shrinkage, we recognize the influences of markets and technologies in the evolution of companies. We understand how to harness profitability and productivity during change.

Our client support includes:

  • Board Members
  • C-level Executives
  • Executive Strategy Staff
  • Finance
  • Information Management & Cyber-Security
  • International Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • People & Talent
  • Sales & Service
  • Technology Management

Entrepreneurial Businesses

  • Typically start-ups and Private Equity-funded firms
  • Under 100 employees
  • Based on fresh ideas and revolutionary leaps in technology

Small is beautiful:

Entrepreneurial organizations will continue emerging as humans translate their creativity into innovative offerings.


  • Review innovative business models
  • Develop their business plans
  • Identify and expand to new markets
  • Develop regional alliances
  • Build their people

Middle-Market Organizations

  • Organizations crossing thresholds of scale and scope
  • Structured configurations of employees at multiple sites
  • Gaining ground with their products and services; packaging these by segments

Mid means multiple options:

Their success determines the future of business and economies. We must unpack the populist “SME” notion of yesteryears as entrepreneurial and mid-market organizations have different needs. These are our future global firms, also ripe for M&A among themselves as well as with large organizations.


  • Help develop growth plans
  • Expedite innovative processes
  • Connect closer to customers and supply sources
  • Build strategic alliances
  • Evaluate options
  • Assess acquirers and acquisitions for complementary assets
  • Develop talent for the next levels

Global-5000 Companies

  • Established large companies
  • Over 5,000 employees, multinational or global
  • Competing in their industries and defending their markets and profits

Big is a blessing:

Contrary to populist notions, Global-5000 companies serve many of humanity’s needs. Their success provides stability to societies.


  • Enhance productivity
  • Develop effective talent
  • Assist succession planning
  • Redesign processes that incorporate dynamics of the formal and the informal organization
  • Help integrate disruptive technologies into successful business models
  • Advise on distinguishing their offerings globally