Our Approach

Our Difference

Five attributes differentiate us in the management consulting industry:

  1. Focus on Integration:
    By emphasizing our SIGOMO™ approach, we help our clients build the integration of managerial interdependencies in an organization.
  2. Client Learning:
    Knowledge transfer ensures that our clients comprehend and acquire our skills to use in the future.
  3. Strengthening Mental Models:
    Executives act on their mental models; these are enhanced through our dynamic feedback simulation modeling. We also build their confidence for more robust decisions and strategies.
  4. Rich, Diversified Experiences:
    Our partners have served at the highest levels among the world’s leading organizations, in more than 40 industries on 6 continents.
  5. Development Methods:
    We select the most effective learning technology to serve the talent development needs of our clients.

We advance the degree of confluence of our clients’ organizations while enhancing their capabilities.

What We Apply

  • Business dynamics
  • Feedback circularity and causal measurements
  • Big-picture approaches
  • Integration across processes for business optimization
  • Sustainable, considered methods

What We Avoid

  • Static frameworks
  • Linear methodologies; short correlational measurements
  • Reductionist approaches
  • Single area or functional optimization
  • Expert-centric or fad-driven methods