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Michael Savoie

A brilliant blend of business leadership and academic excellence, Michael has worked on 3 continents with a variety of organizations. His stellar successes derive from clients achieving record benefits from their large-scale capital investments due to his advising on strategic information technologies.

While consulting and teaching for over 25 years, Michael has served many distinguished organizations like Chevron, Ericsson, Kaiser Aluminum, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Energy, and the National Security Agency. Always identifying the latest trends, he has initiated successful deployment of business reengineering, cybersecurity, data analytics/intelligence, data vulnerability, e-Commerce, and IS integrity. As a corporate executive, he has led the areas of digital transformation, digital entertainment, engineering management, operational effectiveness, quality management, and talent development. He is also an internationally recognized author and public speaker.

As an entrepreneur, Michael founded HyperGrowth Solutions, a company specializing in the integration of business and technology; and co-founded and served as COO of Integrated Resources Group, an energy consultancy focused on strategic positioning, information technology, and training. He was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation Board of Directors in 2008 and reappointed in 2011. On the TG board, he served as Chair of the Budget, Finance, and Audit (BFA) committee, overseeing $30 billion in federal student loans, a $700 million loan portfolio, and an operating annual budget of $180 million.

Michael is an engineer from his first degree. As a rising manager, he went on to earn an MBA. He then earned a Ph.D. in Operations Management with a focus on business information systems support. He has been married for 26 years and has 4 daughters, each of whom are high achievers.

Why did you decide to work at ConfluCore?

To be successful in the long run, a company must make innovation and continuous improvement a part of their culture. ConfluCore recognizes this need and, through its SIGOMO™ method, provides organizations with the processes, metrics, and skills to meet this need.

What’s the biggest transformation you have been a part of?

I led a team that oversaw the transformation of Kaiser Aluminum’s Alumina Division in the U.S. and abroad. I was also part of the leadership that took TG from a public non-profit to a private non-profit, and reinvented the company as a government contractor.

What challenges do you most enjoy helping clients address?

I enjoy integrating technology into business processes and establishing practical corporate KPIs. Proactive deployment of technology is a competitive advantage that companies struggle to utilize fully. I enjoy helping them realize the full potential of their investments so they succeed spectacularly.

What do you like doing in free/personal time?

I play golf and tennis. I enjoy reading and working at my ranch. I also enjoy going to movies with my wife and daughters (when they are in town).

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