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We have seen that the reality of mutual dependence in corporations is often subservient to the specialty of functions which inhibits the spontaneity of effective decisions. Therefore as colleagues, we work on frameworks that deter such organizing dynamics.

We also believe in professionalism in the management consulting and training professions; we aim to restore the sanctity of these professions and establish trust to combat the unchecked burgeoning of consultants and fads.

Onwards and upwards:

We have evolved over the years in expertise, maturity, and numbers.

AIMS, llc.

  • Focus on strategy
  • Founding partner
  • Fully U.S.-centric
  • Three expertise
  • Standard day-fees
  • Consulting & Training

ConfluentC, llc.

  • Focus on transformation
  • A few partners
  • Clients in Asia & U.S.A.
  • Broadened expertise
  • Project fees
  • Mostly consulting

ConfluCore, llp.

  • Focus on confluence
  • Multiple partners & staff
  • Serving on 6 continents
  • Full-service expertise
  • Value-based fees & retainers
  • Consulting & Talent Development

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