Our Approach

Talent Development

Why is Talent Development Integral?

We believe that management consulting and talent development go hand-in-hand and client learning should be built into our approach.

Project Management Dynamics

Consulting Projects. (80% consulting; 20% development).

A consulting project explores an opportunity or solves a problem. The execution is typically undertaken by the client. Developing clients’ understanding of the solution along with the capability to execute becomes a game-changing package. We develop client talent through short learning sessions while building solutions for them.

Talent Development. (80% development; 20% consulting).

Talent development programs aim to advance the knowledge and skills of people. Using real client challenges, not case studies, we develop a talent program specific to concrete client issues. We address these issues inside our talent programs in mini-workshops that opportunistically facilitate client problem solving.

We apply one or more of these approaches in our talent development programs


One or a few leaders to many members.
Typical usage:

  • Telecasting
  • Town halls
  • History and memorializing
  • Cultural reinforcement
  • Vision sharing


One expert to many learners.
Typical usage:

  • Knowledge sessions
  • Coaching for tasks and roles
  • Psychological applications for individuals and groups


Few to few, typically in a group.
Typical usage:

  • Facilitating norming, bonding
  • Teambuilding exercises
  • Skill building sessions
  • Planning facilitation
  • Decision analysis, evaluation