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Randy Di Bernardo

A towering achiever in management advising, Randy lives the “executive chair metaphor” in his widely accomplished career.  He has attained 4 different specialties (“legs”); marketing, operations, organization, and strategy.  He industriously integrates these 4 to create confluence (“seat”) for dynamic companies, and has served the largest of multinationals, addressing their core issues while always underlining the people aspects.

Advising, consulting, and coaching board members and C-level executives for over 30 years, Randy’s list of successful clients that he has sustained over time is extensive.  Just a few include Coca Cola, DuPont, Estee-Lauder, Mars, and the like.  His success is the result of his breadth and depth of managerial experience and his relentless focus on scoping the people aspects of every project.  He has won continuing respect of the Who’s Who of HR and Organization Development executives.  CEOs, COOs, and CHROs have specifically asked for him on their most important change and transformation engagements.

As an icon himself, Randy has served all industries and sectors, too numerous to be listed here.  In the HR/OD area as well, he has integrated multiple dimensions – strategic, operational, and organizational – to create transformations that resulted in stellar success.  He was the architect of Talent Management practice at Deloitte Consulting, and HR Transformation leader at KPMG.  As a ConfluCore partner, he insists in measuring his own performance by relating it to well-defined client success criteria.  Randy’s approach to HR/OD covers every plausible aspect ranging from policy/strategy design to organization change, learning and talent development, workforce analytics to delivery strategy and solutions implementation.

Randy has broad and deep educational accomplishments from multiple universities.  With basics in business management, he attained multiple specializations over time.  He is a Charter Member of International Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM).  A prolific author and speaker, Randy is married and is the proud father of 2 wonderful daughters.

Why did you decide to work at ConfluCore?

Having served 30 years in professional services advising some of the most iconic companies in the world, I desired to utilize my thinking and strengthen my skills to integrating organizations internally, and with their alliances and partners.  ConfluCore as the pioneer in reshaping the future of management and providing seminal approaches to enhancing productivity and profitability while generating fresh synergies.

What’s the biggest transformation you have been a part of?

My career is a story of serving Fortune-500 companies through the Big-4.  The scales of both teams have repeatedly presented challenging transformation engagements that have spanned multiple geographies and organizations.  While each of these was big, the largest one I managed myself encompassed 5 processes, spanning 3 continents, and implemented in 2 years.

What challenges do you most enjoy helping clients address?

I love seeing my clients adapting a journey metaphor, traveling along which they are embracing fresh concepts and moving ahead by actively applying these productively.  It is gratifying to see clients take on big and bold challenges and, applying these leading thoughts, successfully creating leading businesses every time.

What do you like doing in free/personal time?

My free time is happily invested with my family and friends, especially my two daughters.  We love to visit our second home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and we enjoy outdoor activities like boating and biking, in addition to traveling together.

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