Our People

Russ Riddle

While he is our Legal Advisor, Russel (Russ) Riddle is really an institution in himself. A guru of intellectual property, providing the full range of state-of-the-art services in the dynamic IP field, Russ has advised and supported ConfluCore since its inception, ensuring that our IP and original works are protected and legally safeguarded. A genius, Russ is original, resourceful, and explains “legalese” clearly and simply, even making it fun to understand and remember. He is also a persuasive presenter. Most of all, his jokes describing real cases are entertaining and convincing of what/how must be done. Every moment with him is full of rich knowledge, genuine advice, and energizing. Russ enjoys being with his family, emphasizing 3 L’s; learning, laughing, and leading.

What do you enjoy most at ConfluCore?

The tremendous intellectual originality of the leaders, constantly creating and testing new ideas at the edges of management; living proofs that we are never done with fresh knowledge and skills.

Which one memory do you cherish most from your support to the team?

The convictions and energy of the founder that made me decide to assist this unique company.

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