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Michael Powdermaker

Mike is a distinguished advisor to boards and senior executives on company-wide and across-company business systems. For over 25 years, he has led strategic planning and process change programs on 4 continents. Clients cherishing his advice have gained multiples in return on assets and achieving breakthrough KPIs.

Beyond advisory and assessment roles, Mike is unique in having practically implemented business and information technologies that integrated people, processes, and performance around the globe. Having served McKinsey & Company for decades, he has managed budgets in tens of millions of dollars, providing innovative business solutions by embedding the latest and emergent ITs. These are proven, robust, best-in-class infrastructure solutions supporting cutting-edge business requirements worldwide. He is recognized as an eminent coach and mentor to numerous teams at McKinsey who designed, developed, and delivered the most modern business solutions. As a leader of globally distributed staff, he has managed alliances, partners, and vendors providing collocation, datacenter, and network services for a multi-billion dollar global enterprise.

Matching Mike’s business advisory capabilities are his IT execution competencies. As just one example, he has implemented global WAN/LAN networks with Data, VoIP, and HD video infrastructure spanning 150 sites in 48 countries, supporting 22,000 users with 4,000+ network devices, 400 managed circuits, 12 global collocations, 3 datacenters supporting high-performance SDN services (integrating Arista, Aspera, BridgeSTOR, F5, IBM, Palo Alto). This reduced $100 Million in costs, improved application performance 6-10 times, and significantly enhanced QoS metrics.

Mike’s basic education in the humanities (he is on the Dean’s list at SUNY) makes him passionate about people and their productivity. He has achieved distinctions in Scrum leadership and attained recognition in several McKinsey leadership trainings as well as at various international IT forums. Mike loves to spend time with his family and they all like to travel together to new places and take pictures.

Why did you decide to work at Conflucore?

Working with a broad range of business leaders who emphasize confluence as the next leap for management, I am enjoying developing innovative business solutions based on value creation and emphasizing productivity, leadership, and self-worth.

What is the biggest transformation you have been a part of?

I led many global teams of business and technology leaders with the premier management consulting firm, integrating their people, processes, and performance globally.

What challenges do you most enjoy helping clients address?

I enjoy bold business visions that generate next-level goals and objectives. Translating these into practical applications of new and emergent business technologies and building their implementation roadmaps is real fun for me.

What do you like doing in free/personal time?

My family and I love traveling as it helps us discover new people. We love to take pictures and reminisce with these in our home in Jersey.

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