Edward Owens

Col. (ret.) Edward Owens, USAF, is highly respected as an outstanding strategic thinker and operational implementer of organizational transformation. His corporate and government experience spans a wide swath of strategic programs that provided leadership to all stakeholders. Among these is a $20 Billion acquisition and integration program.
Ed’s consulting, managing, and training careers span over 30 years on 3 continents with glowing tributes from everywhere. He initiated and implemented top-notch research and development programs at the cutting edges of science and technology. As a leader of strategic programs for major corporations, he identified alliances and acquisitions that yielded significant synergies. He enjoys also consulting to small- and medium-sized businesses in achieving sustainable growth. His support to the Federal Government is acclaimed for conscientious stewardship and focus on business processes.
A few of the many specialties that Ed has acquired include: business processes, international/cross-cultural negotiations, pricing dynamics, operational excellence, organizational development, risk management, and strategic outlook. Ed has developed and delivered training programs at all levels, introductory through senior leadership, and trained over 1,000 people so far. His documentation of leadership is a rarity that helps clients in building their corporate memory.
Ed is a lifelong learner. He has four earned degrees in Educational Administration, Systems Management, and Law from the likes of USC. Ed also graduated from four defense schools; Squadron Officers School, Air Command & Staff College, Air War College, and Defense Systems Management College. He excelled in international policies, business excellence, and corporate alliances. He has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Northrup University. He enjoys the company of his two children and five grandchildren who he likes to travel with and develop them with high values.

Why did you decide to work at ConfluCore?

ConfluCore is a unique consultancy that matches my aspirations and past achievements with national and international organizations. I am delighted to work here with absolutely the best experts in a variety of areas who insist on creating confluence for its clients.

What’s the biggest transformation you have been a part of?

For the U.S. defense and major corporations, I completed the acquisition of major weapons systems including both, aircraft and spacecraft. I integrated these programs and confirmed that the performance exceeded military metrics and costs were consistent with Congressional guidelines and policies.

What challenges do you most enjoy helping clients address?

My aim is always to dig deep into the individual aspects of a problem so that these are fully understood and then, ensure they are integrated into a holistic system providing superior solutions to clients.

What do you like doing in free/personal time?

I love to inspire others to achieving their fullest potential. I study and watch international business and marvel at how much synergy potential is always out there.

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