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Bing Liang

An exceptionally brilliant achiever, Bing has risen steadily in her consulting career, every time winning the respect of clients and colleagues. She acquired early recognition for her skills in realistic project scoping, managing, and delivery.

Selected by IBM China on a nationally competitive basis, Bing started as an analyst, rose to a consultant, and became a senior project manager in record time due to the stellar success of her projects. Over 10 years, initially through IBM and later on her own, she has served Global-1000 clients on 2 continents primarily in the service sector. Initially focused on the media and telecommunication industry, she has led projects at all 3 telecom operators in China that are now included in the Global-500 companies.

Bing widened her expertise to include financial services and hospitality industries. Her capabilities also span multiple domains including: asset analysis and management, cost abatement and controls, multi-vendor evaluation and management, and options dynamics. She advises boards and senior executives in the design and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) and is part of the global ConfluCore team that has integrated balanced scorecards with business dynamics.

Born in Dalian, a beautiful coastal city in northeast China, Bing developed a love for learning and experimentation early on. Earning distinctions in her school and college, she was selected to the highly-competitive Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications where she earned the MS degree in communications engineering. She is pursuing her MBA in IT & Business Analytics from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her husband and daughter live in Plano, TX and Beijing, China.

Why did you decide to work at ConfluCore?

All the people at Conflucore are seasoned experts in multiple domains and are caring humans. I am excited to learn from everyone here and to be living the high values that define trust in consulting and training.

What’s the biggest transformation you have been a part of?

As the project manager at a multinational client, my team designed and developed a core Uniform Cloud Platform Transformation application. We were then awarded its full implementation. This project completed on time, within budget, without overtime, and exceeded all quality metrics.

What challenges do you most enjoy helping clients address?

I like to solve challenging problems and am always ready to undertake new initiatives that cause me to think anew. Of particular interest are those issues that are chronic or seem intractable but become ‘a giant leap’ when resolved.

What do you like doing in free/personal time?

My family and I like to watch sports. We are fans of FIFA World Cup, NBA, and the Olympic Games. I also relax by playing the piano or the violin, both of which I learned while growing up.

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