Our People

Barbara Kirksey

As our Senior Editor, Barbara Kirksey does the onerous job of editing and summarizing our works. She has a respectable record of offering English services to both native adult speakers and adults with other first languages. With more than 30 years of experience teaching composition and business writing, she has taught ESL for over 10 years professionally; been on assignments abroad including also one at Sundai Gaksei in Japan, and managed an ESL institute in Dallas. She also helps us conduct our course on American Culture for Non-U.S. Natives, and customized ESL classes for businesses wishing to improve their workforce’s English fluency. Barbara holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from The University of Dallas in English, organization development, and psychology. Previously a senior professor of English at DeVry University, she has written on these 3 subjects and worked on their online instructions. She loves to spend time with Jordan, her granddaughter.

What do you enjoy most at ConfluCore?

The atmosphere at ConfluCore is relaxed but professional. I enjoy the flexibility of working around various projects in the spacious offices with beautiful views. I also love the teamwork with highly accomplished, yet modest, professionals.

Which one memory do you cherish most from your support to the team?

As I read various documents, I am learning new theories and their corporate applications. With my experience in social sciences and English, I love gaining new perspectives in business and how to make it successful.

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