Our People

Aparecida Goncalves

Aparecida (Cida) is our Administrative Officer who most responsibly ensures the smooth working of our head office. She is the one who has tastefully organized the working spaces and the art and décor at ConfluCore, and personally organizes and maintains the flora. When clients and visitors wow our filing system, invoicing system, library, office facilities, and expeditious turnover of communications, they admire Cida’s commitment and skills. Bilingual and exposed to multiple cultures for over 20 years, she is at home with the wide variety of our clients who call or visit us from the world over; she also helps us during our cross-cultural programs. Originally educated in child care and then at Harvard, she zealously participates in charitable and church activities.

What do you enjoy most at ConfluCore?

The workspaces are tidy and meetings begin (and end) on time. Everyone is so caring of the others about interpersonal relationships, and the founder is so far ahead of his times.

Which one memory do you cherish most from your support to the team?

The detailed, careful planning the founder implemented when moving to our new offices.

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