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Our mission is to assist organizations in developing confluence to expand their market, competitive advantage, and talent potential.

Our careers began by serving for at least 7 years in global companies, starting at the front-end and rising through the ranks, while executing real challenges in diverse geographies. Our progress over the years, including consulting and training in various companies, has developed us into seasoned experts in confluence with rich, global experiences that provide immediate benefit to our clients. As desired by our clients, we are comfortable in analyzing and synthesizing at 3 levels of decisions and actions: macro, meso, and micro.

Each of us has achieved outstanding academic, professional, and R&D accomplishments, often earning awards, honors, and recognitions. Each of us is committed to the dynamic integration of management as the best service we can provide to our clients. As a confluent team ourselves, we are helping organizations successfully take on the increasingly complex challenges of the 21st century with fresh approaches.

We are a team dedicated to deploying fresh tools and techniques that help us reinvent 21st-century management so boards make practicable policies, executives build systemic strategies, and corporations implement more discerningly. We want board members, executives, managers, supervisors and employees to make smarter business decisions and think more systemically.

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