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Relaunching your Business in the Post-Covid-19 Economy.

To successfully relaunch your business in the Post-Covid-19 economy, you need realistic answers to many questions. To thrive in the emerging business environment, you must implement feasible, proactive, and timely solutions for your specific recovery goals. Conflucore helps business leaders initiate and structure change using a wholistic approach to business design. Read our paper to learn more (PDF).

Great minds think a lot.

Much of what we have developed stands on the shoulders of giants whom we had the honor of studying or working under. But to avoid mimicking others or following beaten paths, we are always in pursuit of innovation and are constantly rethinking management approaches and viewpoints.

Our relentless focus is on confluence which we believe is basic to organizational success.

We find that mixing-and-matching of management models is futile. But handling a few core processes that integrate organizations amongst their departments and across their alliances is a more rewarding exercise. In addition to confluence, integration enables management to see newer opportunities to grow businesses and markets.

Annual Confluence Awards:

Concurrent with pioneering confluence as a sounder managing approach, we have established a tradition of recognizing up to three outstanding performers every year through Confluence Awards. These awards are not based on the recipients’ influence on our organization or payment to it. These are “outside-in” recognitions with no strings attached. Awards are given respectively to one executive, a company, and a multiple-organization group who have clearly pursued confluence on their own.

2016 Awards:

  • Peter Oosterveer (Fluor Corporation).
    For creating a dynamic base for project management in his company.
  • American Airlines Group.
    For a confluent merger of processes and systems across two large corporations becoming a truly unified whole.
  • International Air Transport Association.
    For creating a trusted dynamic platform for the development of its industry.

We are delighted to share our opinions as these have evolved and been tested over time and may be helpful to your cause.

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Sharing our opinions and our chairman’s commentary.

Booklets & Chapters

Our short works in leading publications.

  • Brand Management. (from The Economist Intelligence Unit report, 2000)
  • Building Successful Information Systems: Five best practices to ensure organizational effectiveness and profitability. (Business Expert Press, 2016)
  • Confluence: The 21st—century Imperative. (Proprietary to ConfluCore, 2014-17)
  • Meeting Metaphors: Leaders discern the baleful and benign influences of their metaphors. (from Leader to Leader journal, 2014)
  • The Board-Executive Imperative: Involving boards and senior executives in supply chains (from the book: Optimization of Supply Chain Management in Contemporary
  • Organizations, IGI Global 2015 (series: Advances in Logistics, Operations, and Management Science)
  • The Leader Integrator: An Emerging Role. (from the book: The Leader of the Future 2, Jossey-Bass, 2006)